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Kirsch Building Products is focused on developing and marketing premium products that provide value and long-term solutions for the roofing industry. The company’s marketing efforts are focused on the pitched roofing market, which consists primarily of concrete/clay, slate, metal and asphalt composition shingles. Today, Kirsch Building Product’s industry proven Sharkskin family of roof underlayments are distributed Nationwide. What Tyvek* is to housewrap, Sharkskin is to roof underlayment.

The company can track its beginning with the development of products by its founder Mark C. Strait. The company was born out of the long-term experience and product research and development of Mark, who has studied the pitched roofing industry both in the USA and abroad. As a roofing contractor for over 26 years, Mark has witnessed, on a practical level, the failures of the current form of roofing felts, especially under tile roofing. Kirsch Building Products LLC focuses on providing premium roof underlayments and other roof accessories that provide features and benefits that promote the long-term success of the entire roof system.

* Tyvek is a registered trademark of DuPont

Sharkskin Comp

Engineered for asphalt shingle and metal roof systems. It is ideally suited for use with all fiberglass asphalt and modified bitumen based composite root shingles or metal roof applications.

Sharkskin Ultra

The original premium synthetic roof underlayment. Ideally suited for use with all architectural asphalt shingles, metal roof systems, real and synthetic slates and clay/concrete tile applications.

Sharkskin Ultra SA (All weather barrier)

Self-adhere underlayments. Designed to protect homes and buildings from ice and water intrusion from snow and ice from high wind events.

Sharkskin Ultra Radiant

Energy saving radiant barrier underlayment. Created specifically for tile, metal and slate battened/counter battened roof installations.