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Hanson Roof Tile

Hanson Roof Tile is a leading manufacturer of concrete roof tile in the U.S., operating plants in Florida and Texas, and supplying quality concrete roof tile in a multitude of sizes and colors for single and multi-family developments, custom homes, commercial and re-roofing applications.

About Hanson Building Products

Hanson Building Products North America is comprised of Hanson Pipe & Precast, Hanson Pressure Pipe, Hanson Structural Precast, Hanson Brick, Hanson Hardscapes and Hanson Roof Tile. Based in Irving, Texas, Hanson Building Products North America employs approximately 4,500 people and operates 150 facilities with products available throughout the U.S. and Canada. One of the company's corporate strategies is continued focus on sustainability. Hanson Building Products is known throughout North America for excellent occupational safety, environmental stewardship, high quality standards and contributions to its local communities. To learn more about Hanson's quality products, services and building technology, please visit
ALL OUR TILES ARE MIAMI-DADE COUNTY APPROVED                    NOA No. 06-0614.02
* colors depicted may not represent the actual color of the tile
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