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GRANADA HANDMADE barrel roof tile offers an authentic finish which is simply not achievable with machine extruded barrel tile. GRANADA HANDMADE is a 100% handmade product that is irregular and imperfect by design. The slight tonal and textural variances from tile to tile will give your home or project a unique and rustic finish and that old world charm you are looking for.

Do not let the rustic finish of our product line mislead you - our tile are approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones by the Florida Building Code and each tile is subject to rigorous third party quality assurance processes.

This is a subtle low contrast blend of varying shades of terracotta. This handmade roof tile blend is very prevalent on high end architecture throughout South Florida.

Our flashed blend is a higher contrast blend of terracottas, light and dark browns and reds. This blend is a great option for clients who want a more aged and weathered look.